Spreading Joy With Words

Stealer Of Sorrow, Gifter of Smiles

" Dance is the timeless
interpretation of life "

-Shah Asad Rizvi


Understanding that words possess a formidable and timeless power, Shah Asad Rizvi uses his talent and skill for writing to bring hope and positivity into the world. As an author and philanthropist, Shah has been recognized for this deep love and concern for humanity. With a special interest in women's rights, Shah's writing is often inspirational, comforting, and always honest. His mission is both noble and much needed in the world, and it is this: to make life more beautiful, enjoyable, and for each person to be valued, and their heart made whole.


For Shah Asad Rizvi, writing is a form of communication, and he has a clear and resounding message to share. As a man of the heart, Shah creates poetry and written works that he hopes will inspire, move, and touch the reader's soul. As an advocate for women's rights, Shah also wishes that his written words will lend a voice to empower and uplift women worldwide as well as memorialize their contributions to humanity and those they love selflessly.

" Life has meaning until the weight
of moments is carried by protection,
encouragement, nurturing
presence, and love of a mother "

-Shah Asad Rizvi


Book Collection

Shah's collective works are often
described as uplifting, empowering,
and a master class in devotion.


Whispers of poetry that
nurture the heart and soul
with healing vibes.

Stories of the Soul Podcast

I've finally launched Stories of the Soul on all podcast streaming platforms! You will listen to interviews with people from all walks of life. This podcast will be the springboard to your healing.You will learn that you can rise after your fall. Are you ready?

My Books

The collective works of Shah Asad Rizvi build a bridge between his deep and introspective ideas and his reader. With each publication, Shah enriches the world with his inspiring and captivating interpretations of the journey of life and love. Even though each work is unique in its subject, there are a few common themes that exist in all his writing. Those ideas and images focus on the beauty of love in all its many forms, as well as the enduring nature and contributions of women in society. Many of his poems pay homage to the heart of a woman and the calling of a man to love her entirely for all the gifts she so selflessly gives. As such, Shah's collective works are often described as uplifting, empowering, and a master class in devotion.

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